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Orion's Big Day - TTKotM6
It's Orion's birthday and today he's out to prove that he's a mature young stallion, going out into the world and doing responsible things. 

This is a character from the story Time Traveling Kids Of The Mane Six
Cream Peach Portrait
Random pony drawing. The colours were random, as was the name I gave her. This was just to practice a bit of shading. 
Why didn't you tell me? (Radiance and Bucky)
Radiance and Bucky are characters from the MLP fan fiction "Time Traveling Kids of the Mane 6" 

This is my favorite scene in the entire story so far. It involves Bucky being upset with Radiance over something. I can't say What that is because Spoilers. but I will say that it was a sad scene at first because he's really upset. Then it changes to being a super cute moment where my heart just swelled up with joy. Then one sentence later, I'm in panic mode and screaming in a blind rage so loud that the author could hear me in China. Haha! Great story. You all should look it up. 

I'm very new to drawing and this was my first attempt at adding shadows. I think it's safe to say I have a long way to go, but I think I did very well. :) 


No journal entries yet.


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Nevel V.
United Kingdom
I'm just a Brony, who's also a Wrestling fan. Weird combination, huh?


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